The Best Snacks for Sedentary Activities


Sedentary and activity may sound like an oxymoron, but there are indeed activities that can be characterized as sedentary. Some recreational activities, in particular, are doable while sitting or having minimal movements. And while doing these, it would be nice to enjoy some snacks or refreshments.

Playing casual video games at Free Online Games (FOG) at or a session of slots at online casino NetBet for example can become more fun with a good serving of snacks. However, it’s not right to pick just any kind of snack. Watch out for the calories and make sure you don’t worsen the sedentary lifestyle even further by indulging in excessive sweets and preservatives.


Who says salads can’t make good snacks? As a WebMD feature article explains, salads are not only good for their fibre, vitamins, and minerals. They can also facilitate calorie intake reduction while increasing gastronomic satisfaction. Additionally, salads that include monounsaturated fats help in the absorption of phytochemicals, which fight free radicals in the body.

Take note that not all salads are the same, though. Salads with olive oil and vinegar dressing are preferable. Of course, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as nuts also make for a healthful serving. The options to avoid are those that make use of mayonnaise, cheese, and cream in the dressing. Crispy chicken and taco salads should not be part of the choices. It is also advisable to avoid croutons, dried fruits, and candied nuts.


Not many would consider getting a yogurt for a snack while playing a video game, but it is something worth considering. It’s a snack most will likely learn to like eventually, especially after learning about its health benefits.

A study published in the journal Nutrition Reviews reveals that  yogurt does a great job in promoting body weight stability. It is also capable of temporarily suppressing appetite and hunger. These effects make it a good way to avoid overeating while playing a video game or doing some work in front of a computer. It can be a good snack to prevent an endless craving for more food while doing something that requires very minimal physical exertion.

Dark chocolates

Those who crave sweets can occasionally snack on dark chocolates and benefit from their brain-boosting nutrients. The consumption of dark chocolate can help reduce stress and inflammation while improving cognition and brain functions, and it is less fattening then light chocolate.


The movie marathon staple is also a great snack when playing computer games, doing some work online, painting, or reading a book. You just have to make sure that the popcorn is only slightly flavoured. Popcorn is mostly made of air, so it does not contribute a lot to your calorie intake. Also, try to avoid caramel flavoured popcorn as much as possible.

The key to eating healthy is choosing the right food. You can decide to ditch the snacking altogether while doing something that is not physically exhaustive. However, it is unnecessary to deprive yourself of something to munch on as long as you pick the right snacks.


Vanek Hasith
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