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Why Cooking at Home is Coming Back in Style


It may feel like cooking at home is a long, hard process and it will take too long to even try, but the reality is as the cost of living increases, cooking at home is probably the safest option you have.

Let’s look into why this is the case.

  • You Control What Goes Into Your Food

When you cook at home, you’re in control of the ingredients used, so you can control everything, from the fats to the proteins and how much seasoning is used. When you eat at a restaurant or have fast food, all of this is out of your control. Not only do the foods often contain additives to get you hooked, but they often have high amounts of sodium, which is not great for your health overall. 

  • It is Healthier to Cook At Home

Similar to the above, cooking at home just gives you more control, you’re more likely to make good choices when the effort of cooking is involved and as you get more adventurous and your skills improve, you can find cooking contributing to better quality foods, better ingredient quality and overall, a better and more nutritious diet. 

  • At Home You Eat Better Portions

Restaurant portions are totally out of your control. So are junk food portions. When you’re at home you control your portions, thus you control your nutrient intake and the calories you eat which will be entirely out of your control of what’s on your plate. Due to the addictive nature of food, this control is helpful.

  • At Home You Save Money

It may seem like eating out is cheaper, but in reality, cooking at home is what will save you money. When you eat out, you’re paying for the serving staff, kitchen staff, ingredients, preparation time and the rent of the building. When you eat at home you have tools such as pots and pans you can reuse and fresh ingredients to top up on, and that’s all the cost. This adds up to being less over time. 

  • Cooking At Home Saves Time

If you play your cards right and organise your week, cooking at home can be faster. Sometimes this takes the form of meal prepping, where you cook your week’s meals ahead of time. Sometimes this just means organising some time to cook for your loved ones. Either way, without the time it takes to commute to the food, wait for it to be cooked and eat it, things get faster. 

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